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The main objective of ONEKEY is to provide following three services: Import & Export, Business Consultancy & General Order Supply. Our expertise involves: China to Pakistan Trading. We supply services from last 10 years to different government & non-government organization in Pakistan & Overseas.


To become world class trading & business consultancy locally and internationally.


To provide our valued customers with cost effective and reliable solutions in their business implementation.

Our Services

What we do offer

Import & Export

We cover all global shipping lines, they offer us competitive rates, and stable space.

Business Consultancy

We are dealing in Factory Visit, Company Registration, Expo Visit, Business/Visit Visa, LC etc.

General Order Supply

OneKey Solutions has been providing general supplies to Government, Private & Non-Profit Organization for the past 15 years.


Company Registration


Our Hardworking Team

Dost Muhammad Sabir


(+40 Year’s Experience in Logistics)

Dr. Muhammad Irfan

Regional Incharge (China)

(+10 Year’s Experience as Consultant & Translator)

Muhammad Hassaan

Regional Incharge

(+5 Year’s Experience in Business Development)

Accelerate Your Business With Our Team

We Strongly Value Our Customer’s Feedback and We are Committed to Provide 100% Results.


Trusted Customers


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Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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Matt Brandon


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Saving cost. Freight forwarder agents normally get heavy discounts from these giant shippers as they have large amount of cargo to ship every day. So saving cost is the major consideration. Freight forwarder agent are always more flexible than those big companies, they don’t have too complicated procedures, so always easy to talk and work. The freight forwarding companies not only coordinate with shippers, they normally coordinate the pick up & delivery, import and export procedures, customs affairs, etc. You can treat them as your logistics department. In most case, those giant shipper companies don’t deal with cargo owner directly as there are too many. So they prefer to work with freight forwarding companies. So in theory, you may just can’t get services from shippers.

  • If you are importing goods from China, it’s best to choose Chinese freight forwarders, main reasons are: Cheaper shipping cost. Some freight forwarders in China have agreements with the shippers like COSCO, Emirates Airlines, FedEx, etc. So the shipping rates are much cheaper than the official rates. Besides that, Freight forwarders China have lower operational costs due to the cheap labor costs and office & warehouse rent costs. Freight forwarders in China are always flexible on operations. They can quickly adjust according to your business needs. And the employees from China forwarding company always work very hard, it’s not difficult to reach them even in weekend and holidays. Multiple Services. Besides moving your cargo, China freight company can also provide other services like pickup & delivery, customs clearance for both export and import, consolidate your cargo from different suppliers, etc. Fast response. Operational efficiency is one of their most important KPIs, and hard working is the advantage of all Chinese, so most of your requests will be responded in few hours, even in holidays as you can easily reach them on mobile phone. Know China the best. Without doubt that China freight companies know China the best than overseas freight forwarders. This benefits you a lot if you are shipping goods from China. Either in localization or cost consideration.

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6F, 1st Floor, Hajveri Tower, Chauburji Chowk, Lahore.

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